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Although you can't change your genes, male pattern hair loss can be successfully treated and there are different treatment choices available.

Medical Treatments

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Remember, an effective treatment plan can take a while to reverse hair loss, so you may need to be patient.
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After taking tablets or topical treatments for 2-6 months you may start to notice a stabilisation of hair loss or, in some cases, regrowth. If you stay on your treatment for a sufficient length of time you may see a real benefit.


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Hair transplant surgery
It is the only way to give hair coverage on scalps with very advanced stages of male pattern hair loss.

Wigs, hairpieces and camouflage

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Synthetic wigs or natural hair fibre wigs and hair extensions can be used to get good coverage of hair on the head. They can give instant results and you can freely change your style as you want.
Tinted sprays or powders can be used to camouflage the areas of hair loss.

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