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The development of male pattern hair loss is related to age. You are more likely to get it as you get older and it is also likely to become more severe.

Ethnic differences

The chances of having male pattern hair loss can depend on your ethnic background.

Caucasian men are more likely to develop male pattern hair loss than men from Asian races.
If you are a Chinese, you might find that the pattern of hair loss will be slightly different from men of other races.

For example:

You are less likely to lose the front of your hairline
You may develop baldness later in life.

Family history

Your risk of developing male pattern hair loss is higher if certain members of your family have the condition. For example, if your dad or your mum’s dad has it, you have a higher risk of also losing your hair.

It might be possible to predict the degree of hair loss you are likely to have by discussing your family history with your doctor.